Equine Choreography & Directing

Equine Choreography & Directing

Equine Choreography & Directing

An experienced theater director and choreographer, Patricia Norcia has staged numerous equine theatrical shows, quadrilles and Pas de Deux. With producer Andrea Steele, Patricia choreographed and directed the music video “HE’S MINE”, which won second place at the Equus Film Festival.

For over a decade, she has been the Equine Director for JoAnna Mendl Shaw and The Dancing with Horses Company, performing from New York City’s Liberty Park to Vermont’s Shelbourne Museum.

Her husband, Duncan Robert Edwards, is a Sound Designer focused on special projects in the areas of theater, broadcast, and equine events.

A video of the Black and White Quadrille ridden by Athene Von Hirschberg, Timothy Mallin, Francesca Edwards and Patricia Norcia is in the gallery on this page.

Click on "HE'S MINE" to see that video.

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